About ITiP:

At the turn of the century, new information technologies began to transform every aspects of the world. Competition among nations and firms has been becoming more intense. The rules and the whole fabric of old industrial economy were disintegrating and losing their strength. Income inequality was growing between the well-educated and the less educated. Workers suffered from worldwide layoffs and firms were facing fierce competition. All economies were striving to escape from depression.

Everything was UP IN THE AIR. It was the beginning of new era, the TIME of GREAT TURBULENCE and UNCERTAINTY.

The epicenter of turbulence and uncertainty was dazzlingly changing information and communications technology. All firms were struggling to figure out new rules that work in new business environment. All nations were in great toil to lessen tension and conflicts between winners and losers. Firms, nations, and all units of society were eagerly looking for strategies that would lead them from the darkness to the bright and prosperous world. ITiP, launched and led by the captain Youngsun Kwon in 2001, began its journey in search of the strategies that would bring prosperity and peace back to all of us.


  • Monitors how the new information and communications technologies transform economic environments and the ways of doing business.
  • Studies strategies for firms to successfully cope with challenges and to survive in volatile business environment.
  • Applies congestion theory of urban economics to network resource optimization.
  • Studies the efficient ways of using spectrum which is a core input for wireless communications.

Updated on Mar 17, 2016